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Welcome to AB Digital Consulting

Innovate. Integrate. Transform.

At AB Digital Consulting, we're not just keeping up with the future—we're creating it. We harness the power of custom software, blockchain, and AI to revolutionize businesses and elevate them to new heights of innovation and efficiency. Our team of trailblazers is passionate about crafting bespoke strategies that align perfectly with your unique vision and needs.

From Diverse Expertise to Unified Innovation

Get to Know Us

AB Digital Consulting began as a collaboration of specialists from various industries and corners of the globe. United by a common vision, our goal is to help companies embed cutting-edge technology, optimize their processes, and drive industry innovation. Through the power of Software, Blockchain, and AI, we're transforming ideas into impactful solutions.


Empower your business with innovative software, secure blockchain, and transformative AI solutions.

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Tailored Solutions for Unique Challenges

At AB Digital Consulting, we craft bespoke software solutions designed to address your specific business challenges. Our team leverages the latest technologies to develop intuitive, scalable, and secure applications that enhance your operations and drive growth. Whether it's streamlining processes or creating new digital experiences, we've got you covered.

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Secure, Transparent, and Decentralized

Harness the power of blockchain with AB Digital Consulting. We provide innovative blockchain solutions that enhance security, transparency, and efficiency across your business operations. From smart contracts to decentralized applications, our experts help you navigate the complexities of blockchain technology, ensuring seamless integration and maximum impact.

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Intelligence that Transforms and Adapts

Unlock the potential of artificial intelligence with AB Digital Consulting. Our AI solutions are designed to transform your business by automating processes, uncovering insights, and enhancing decision-making. From machine learning algorithms to advanced data analytics, we create AI-driven strategies that propel your business into the future.


10 Ronayne St
Auckland, New Zealand 


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